Welcome to our website!
Here you will be able to discover our activities, values and products. Before that, we would like to express what does Organika Foods represents in our lives…

What is Organika Foods?

We are a Costa Rican family who is passionate about food and what surrounds it, especially farms and markets. We practice responsible consumerism in harmony with ourselves and nature, supporting local and sustainable agriculture.


Build an alternative for access to sustainable products for creative and efficient nutrition, taking advantage of the abundance and rich soils of our beautiful country. We support direct producers, cooperatives, organic agriculture and indigenous tribes by consuming and promoting their products and wisdom. We promote and open relationship farmer-consumer and the involvement in the production process.

We build the alternative we prefer to live and we support it day-by-day!


Strengthening the demand for quality food that has been grown without chemical products or industrial process. Promote native and fair trade product. Increase the organic offer available nowadays and work to make it more accessible to everyone.